Rico Johnston HQ Mortgages Inc. at 1210 Lasalle Boulevard #2, Sudbury, Ontario P3A 1Y2

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+1 705-626-0842

1210 Lasalle Boulevard #2, Sudbury, Ontario P3A 1Y2
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  • Carole Gour
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    A few years ago, my life had been turned upside down due to unforeseen circumstances.  My finances suffered.  I ended up moving back to Sudbury, so had a new job but due to my credit; I did not dream of being able to obtain a mortgage.  The thought of paying so much toward rent was painful, because it would not have been an investment.  Approached a few banks but to no surprise to me, they could not consider lending to me yet.  And this is when someone referred me to Rico.

    All along the way, Rico always held hope for me... so I kept looking for a home to call my own.  Rico worked diligently to find me the funds, keeping in mind that I did not want to pay enormous interest rates.  He always explained things along the way, keeping me informed as new information was available.  He went above and beyond what would have been required from a lender!  He even contacted my previous lenders and did not give up until they finally confirmed my payment so it would reflect on my credit rating!  That really was not an obligation he had to do... even the current lender did not require it, but Rico knew it would make a difference to the health of my own credit.    I am grateful that I was able to deal with such a professional and understanding individual. 

    All this assistance from Rico... And, I got a great mortgage with a decent interest rate!  Thank you for everything Rico.
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Mortgage Broker Sudbury, ON | Rico Johnston | 705-626-0842
Looking for the best mortgage rates in Sudbury Ontario? Let mortgage specialist Rico Johnston customize a mortgage that is right for you. Call or Text Rico Now!705-626-0842.

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